The story of the food ring


The story of the food ring is the story of a Finnish family business about Finnish interiors

As early as the 1960s, kari Herttua, the founder of the food ring, collected the knowledge and skill transferred from generations to others about the production of coniferous extract drink.

Based on these traditional data and skills, a method was developed in the 1970s for the wider production of coniferous extract drink used in folklore.

The first coniferous extract drinks were produced in 1975 at the Koske forest farm in Whitefish. Tuija and Kari Herttua founded Ravintorengas Oy the following year.

Kari's Coniferous Extract Drink quickly gained popularity among the people, but as one finnish pioneer in the natural products industry, the company had to justify its operations to several different authorities on several occasions.

The founders of the company describe the entire '80s as a battle against windmills. 

At the beginning of the 2000s, the Finnish Broadcasting Company made a documentary called The Story of the Food Ring.

In the 1990s, Karin Coniferous Extract Drink was included in several university studies, which led to a further increase in the popularity of the product.

You can read a few studies in more detail here. Studies have also been carried out in the 21st century, and the popularity of the product is also reflected in the fact that it has been selected twice as the Natural Food of the Year in Finland in 2003 and 2010.

The company's new expanded production facilities were completed in 2015. With the new facilities, production capacity could be increased and the premises were designed for the future to meet the requirements of high food safety.

In 2019, the family business underwent a generational change, and tuija and Kari's daughter Sanna Herttua-Laiho, who has worked for the company for several years, took over the company's responsibility.


""I have been using Karin Coniferous Extract Drink for many years. The part of the ulcer on the lower right was not going to expire. A smaller and higher pressure bandage didn't help. The wound began to heal when I was allowed to use coniferous extract again (after cancer treatments). The doctor and nurse were amazed at the rapid healing of the wound. Now I have a drink in the morning instead of fresh juice.

-Arja (12.2.2020)


"A boy who has been wrestling with acne and its medical treatment for years got help from Kari's coniferous extract drink, and the skin on his face is now fine!"

-Mari (13.3.2020)

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Ravintorengas Ltd,

Kuusistontie 3, 29810 Siikainen

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Ravintorengas Oy is a Western Finnish company specialising in the manufacture of coniferous wood extract.

The production plant of Ravintorengas is located in Siikainen on the Kosken forest farm in the middle of pure Finnish countryside – away from settlements, highways and heavy industry.

Ravintorengas Oy has been producing Karin Coniferous Extract Drink on the same farm since 1975.