It's time for the tree to hug you

Kari's Coniferous Extract Drink contains centuries of traditional knowledge pressed into a bottle. The body-revitalising and energizing drink has been produced with a traditional, carefully guarded recipe since 1975.

Hunt for vitality.


Pure artisan drink

Kari's Coniferous extract drink has a short list of ingredients: only local spring water and young organic vein shell and nil are used for preparation.

Chemical solvents are not used and no preservatives are added to the product. Finnish traditional knowledge at its best.


Natural vitality

The bark and nila of organic vending are naturally rich in minerals and trace elements, antioxidants and phenoic compounds known to fight viruses and bacteria, as well as to regenerate cells and prevent infection.

In Kari's coniferous extract drink, phenoleic compounds are 489 micrograms per millilitre.


Simple work

Our coniferous drink is 100% organic.

A bottle made of food plastic can be filled airtightly right up to the top, for best preservation.

The phenoic compounds contained in the drink act as nature's own preservatives.

Kari's Coniferous Extract Drink is Health Product of the Year 2021

Kari's Coniferous Extract Drink has won the 2021 Health Product award. The winner was decided by public vote in health stores all over Finland.

This is the third time Kari's coniferous extract drink has received this exceptional attention. Previously, the selection has coincided in 2003 and 2010.


Know the power of forest and nature

Click on Kari's own song below and enjoy the feeling of the forest.

Responsible and local

This organic product is manufactured and bottled at its birthplace in Siikaisi, Northern Satakunta, on the Koske forest farm.

At every stage of the manufacturing process, responsibility and handicraft are present.

The raw materials come from local forests managed with respect, and the manufacturing is carried out by local professionals who are proud of their work, all the way to bottling.

Discover your inner nature

The forest is the source of our creativity and a traditional place of health. Finns are looking for peace in the forest, and there is also a source of Finnish guts. We want to restore people's connection to the forest and nature.


Buy Karin conifer products

You can find Karin conifer products in Finland in a selection of more than 400 retailers. You can also order packs of 10 or 20 bottles directly from the farm!

Find your nearest retailer

Karin conifer products are available from more than 400 retailers. Find you your nearest retailer and stop by for shopping!

Order directly from the farm

You can order Karin conifer products directly from Koske farm – a farm where coniferous extract drink has been produced since 1975.

Stories about Kari's coniferous extract drink

TerveysSummit: Interview with Sanna Herttua-Laiho

Spring 2020

Sanna Herttua-Laiho, entrepreneur and CEO of Ravintorengas Oy, which manufactures Karin Coniferous Extract Drink, talks about the history and production of the drink in an episode of TerveysSummit.

TerveysSummit and Esa Keskinen

Spring 2020

Esa "Essi" Keskinen, the 1995 world ice hockey champion, talks about his own health problems and how Karin Coniferous Extract Drink brought help.

Customer feedback

Our story in brief

Karin Havupuu extract's recipe and unique method of production date back to the 1960s, when our founder Kari Herttua toured around Finland collecting a memory tradition transferred from generation to generation from making a drink from pine bark and skin.

Since then, the knowledge of folklore and the good experiences of numerous users have been confirmed by several university studies.

Karin Coniferous Extract Drink is the only product that has been selected twice as the Natural Food of the Year!








Ravintorengas Ltd,

Kuusistontie 3, 29810 Siikainen

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Ravintorengas Oy is a Western Finnish company specialising in the manufacture of coniferous wood extract.

The production plant of Ravintorengas is located in Siikainen on the Kosken forest farm in the middle of pure Finnish countryside – away from settlements, highways and heavy industry.

Ravintorengas Oy has been producing Karin Coniferous Extract Drink on the same farm since 1975.